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Newspaper advertising is a tried-and-true method of advertising that continues to be one of the most successful mediums to promote products and services.

If you are looking to reach the 50+ demographic, newspaper advertising is without a doubt… a winner! Simply put… when you combine the right ad, in the right newspaper at the right price… you win.

The Right Ad

The right ad means having a compelling headline that captures your prospect’s attention, then moves them through the rest of your ad copy, showing your prospect the distinct advantages of using your product or service. And ultimately persuading the reader to pick up the phone and call you.

In short, a powerful newspaper ad makes a compelling case as to why the prospect should favor you with their business.

The ad format that we specialize in is the “Advertorial.” An advertorial looks like an article in the newspaper (an editorial), yet it explains all of the benefits and advantages that your product or service offers.

Research shows that five times as many people read editorial material than messages that look like advertising. Advertorials are sized from a quarter page up to half and full page… they are engaging, informative and highly effective.

The Right Newspaper

If you are a local, regional or national advertiser, then selecting the right newspaper could be a combination of local market papers or national display ads in USA Today,  Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily.

The Right Price

When it comes to the right price, the team at Berk Marketing delivers access to local and national newspaper remnant advertising rates.  These remnant rates allow us to offer you discounts of up to 80% below published rate cards.   If you are looking for discount rates for USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily or any other print publication in America, call Berk Marketing now to find out more about remnant newspaper advertising.  Call 1-866-747-4707